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How to Block Off Day of the Week in Calendar

Hi - I’m currently using the Full Calendar plugin on my app. I have a fully functioning scheduling / booking workflow going, but I’m having trouble displaying my user’s Closed Days on the Calendar.

My Closed Days data type only contains the Day of the Week because I want users to be able to block off all Mondays (for example) if they wish, instead of specific date & times. As far as I can tell, the Full Calendar app uses date/time data, so I’m not sure how to configure it to display Closed Days with only my Day of the Week data.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

You might look at this plugin - it makes scheduling/availability/time slots/google sync really easy :slight_smile:

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Thank you @equibodyapp Do you want to hide Monday’s (for example) or do you want users to not be able to make appointments on mondays?

If Monday was the “closed day”

Ideally I’d want Monday’s to be greyed out on the calendar so users can’t even click on it, that’d be best (without completely hiding Mondays).

But the most important part would be to just not allow users to make appointments on Mondays like you said.

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check it out!

i pushed an update just for this!

change the view to timeGridWeek

You could also probably use logic and option sets to disallow event creation on certain days.

But my calendar Plugin makes it way easier

Will your plugin allow users to set their own individual timeslots?

For example, User A has availability on Mondays from 3pm - 4pm (Closed the rest of the weekdays) but User B has availability on Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm.

I want users to be able to set their own schedules & specific timeslots in their calendars which will then be displayed for others to see.

Yes. You would want to save those things to the dB and then load them dynamically based on whichever user is viewing the calendar.