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How to build a chart


I’ve just started using Bubble and have come a long way building my Calculator but I’m running into some trouble trying to set up some charts. See the calculator below:

I’m trying to set up two charts showing the Commodity Price * Grade * Recovery in a chart with all metals and be able to change while the input is being changed.

Hope somebody can help me out!



There are some excellent Chart plugins - ApexCharts and ChartsJS are two I’ve used - both very good. The support from @alex4 is outstanding.

Thanks for the kind words @lindsay_knowcode

@cdelferink don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Feel free to learn more about the plugin in this post!

PS: based on your need to turn calculated values into Charts, you might find the advance list calculator feature in the plugin helpful, which helps pull data from inputs inside repeating groups and so that you can put it into Charts

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