How to build a more complicated Search criteria

First, I’ve set up a repeating group that shows users and their pics. It has nine constraints, and works as I want.

Then I added a text field for each user that compares each user’s list of interests (search tags) with the current user’s search tags (shown in red), and this works fine.

But it shows users that have no search tags that match the current user’s search tags.

How can I incorporate this integrated list to filter out those that don’t have any matches?


Do you have ignore empty constraints checked?

I do have ignore empty constraints checked, but I think that’s not the issue.

I have a Search for Users in the repeating group. But separately I’ve added a text field that shows the intersect between other users’ list of search tags and the current user’s list of search tags (It shows the matches).

That all works fine, but I want to also put this criteria in the repeat group’s constraints so that it fulfils all the constraints it currently has, but also eliminates any user that doesn’t have an intersect of matching search tags.

I think I answered this question on the post below in the last couple of days.