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How to build this feature

Hey all,

I was wondering if a feature like this is possible or if there is a plugin for it?

Essentially, it’s some sort of popup that tells visitors that someone else around the world has just subscribed to the platform.

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Hi there @alasadi.m1738,

Yes this is possible. You can search your subscription data type, then look for the last item.

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Great answer - I’d second this. Just have an even that triggers and shows a group @alasadi.m1738 when a new order is placed within a time threshold (current date/time-30mins for example) and then you can pull that data through into the group and show more details of the order if you want to.

Let us know if that helps

Thank you @johnny and @help. This makes sense.

The thing is, I’m not sure if the pop up is true or not, or maybe just a marketing strategy to get others to sign up - so I was wondering if there’s other ways to do it not based on any orders/users if that makes sense.