How to bulk add availability in a calendar?

I’m using the full calendar plugin by Bubble and I want to have a worker be able to add their availability. Currently I would have to make them add their availability one day at a time (they click the day on the calendar, then a popup which asks what times that day they are available, then click add).

How should I go about it if I want them to quickly select multiple days of the month (not necessarily a continuous group of days but random), and add their availability to each of those days with one popup? The calendar plugin doesn’t let you select multiple days

Just a little bump to see if anyone has any ideas

Would the time be the same for all the days? You can make a recursive backend workflow to create a list of available days

  1. Let users choose multiple dates (don’t show them a popup immediately).
  2. Add all the dates into the custom state variable whenever the user selects the date.
  3. Add one more button, “Proceed”, whenever someone clicks on it. Show them popup now.
  4. Now, let user fill in all the details .
  5. Call the “schedule the workflow over list” and setup the calender event.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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