How to bulk modify users timezones?

Hi there

Anyone have experience modify timezone’s of users in bulk? Feel like it would be too painful go and search each user and modify each user manually when you have over 1k entries to modify…


For this you will have to use the backend API workflows or a plugin such as List Shifter by Keith.

Backend API workflows require a paid plan and I believe List Shifter is now a paid plugin too.

When you say ‘modify each users time zone’… what exactly do you mean?

I assume you have a text field on the User datatype that you’re using to store time zone ids?

Are you wanting to set them all to the same time zone? Or all to different time zones?

Yeh exactly, I have a text field storing on the timezones, I want to set them all on different time zones (based on user device timezones), that is the challenging part.

I am currently using the "Current Timezone’ plugin to get user’s timezones.

Well there’s no way to do that in bulk…

But why would you need to?

Just do it the first time they load a page.

Yep find out this is the only way other than spending 5 hours changing each user timezone manually…