How to bulk update repeating group using external API

I’ve got a repeating group that shows a filtered data type called SIM. One of the SIM’s fields “Monthly-Usage” stores a record of how much data has been consumed by the SIM. I can update this field by calling an external API with a reference to another unique ID field “UUID” within the SIM data type.

At the moment my repeating group has a button for each record marked “Update”. When this is clicked the API is called one time and that specific SIM record is updated correctly.

However what I really want to do is automatically update all the SIM records displayed in the repeating group when the repeating group first loads on the screen. I have tried to create a new workflow to do this using “Makes changes to a list of SIMs” then changes theMonthly-Usage field by calling the API.

See following screenshot:

The filtered list part works, but I am unable to pass the correct UUID to the API . I have tried setting the dynamic UUID source as both This SIM and Parent Group’s SIM but neither pull the correct UUID. I end up with Monthly-Usage for every SIM record being updated with the same value.

How can I pass the correct UUID value to each sequential API call?

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