How to calculate a suppliers price based on user requests


Here’s example of what i want to configure:

Supplier: Car Wash
User: Client with a car to wash

1st Step: The Car Wash registers and tells the service how much they charge for washing cars. The two prices are:

Outside wash: $50.00
Inside wash: $50.00

I already cofigure this part.

2nd Step: The user registers

I already cofigure this part.

3rd Step: The user request a service and through the form, tells the system that wants to wash a car outside and inside.

I already cofigure this part.

As you can see, depending on what the user requests, the final price will change.

Now the question: How can i configure everything so i can tell my users how much a supplier will charge based on ther specific request? How can i make this calculation?

I want to be able to send this final amount to Braintree or Stripe in order to finish the order but that’s another question.

Any help?

This would happen at the request service stage. I think you’d need the following types though:


  • Name (text)
  • Cost (number)
  • Car Wash (Supplier)


  • Services (list of services)
  • User (user)

The way to calculate total is “request’s services’ cost: sum”

Let me know if this helps!

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I’ll give this a try! =) Thank you @romanmg

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