How to calculate the amount of expenses for a specific date

Such a problem, I have expense transactions on my budget. Three types of operations

  1. Income (taken into account in expenses per day/month as income)
  2. Transfer between my accounts ((From bank deposit to a debit card) is not counted as an expense but is displayed as a cash flow)
  3. Expense ((From the card/deposit for entertainment/drinks) is counted as an expense)

At the moment, I am unable to calculate expenses and income for a specific day/month.
It is necessary to display transactions for each day and for a month with a total (income - rises)

for the day use the creation date of the ‘thing’

for example, if you select on a calendar a date…then you can do a search for income with constraint creation date is equal to the date selected and then sum the value if you have the income field set as a number.

You could also use the group by function to achieve the same kind of thing I think

If you want to do it for a month, then again select a date and use the constraint in the search to say creation date extract month is equal to selected dates month.

Thanks for your answer, but I don’t quite understand what needs to be done))
How do you do this in a repeating group? So that this data is displayed automatically for every day/month
Like this:

Use the date in the repeating group cell…search for income with constraint creation date is current cells date :sum

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