How To Calculate The Dates NOT Selected from inside a Air Date Multiple Day Date Picker range of dates?


I’m trying to allow user A to select a number of days on a calendar, and User B use a date picker to select from User A’s dates.

Can’t seem to figure out how to do this though.

The Air Date/Picker/Range plugin from @gaurav I’m using collects the dates from User A and stores them as a list of dates in the database - so essentially I’m needing a way to determine what dates are missing from within the range (highest date to lowest date) and that will give me the dates I can exclude at least.

Would be great to just be able to set a list of dates to select from on a date picker.

Hi @JustinC,
You can disable specific dates as one of the options in the datepicker as well… So it would be a matter of filtering out those selected date numbers from a list of all dates within the minimum date and max date user A selected.


How do I set the initial list of dates though?

The user selects dates (list) but how do I set a master list of all of the dates between the high & low date, so that I can then filter out the selected dates later on?

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