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How to call/use my bubble app from mobile dev environment?

Hi. I am using a development environment called B4X to build a mobile app.
It actually has two versions, B4i (for iOS apps) and B4a (for Android apps).

(1) Does Bubble allow me to build an API that works for both iOS and Android?

(2) I read the documentation but I’m still unclear on how I actually write code in my dev environment of choice that calls up the screens, forms, workflows, etc. that I built with Bubble? I realize this code depends on my particular dev language, which happens to be a cross between Java and Visual Basic. I know it can do API calls. My experience with using APIs is limited to sending data and getting data back only. I’m not as experienced with … is this merely sending the user to the URL referenced in Bubble’s API documentation? Are there some examples you all can refer me to?

If the case is that the majority of Bubble users do all the database, interface, and logic work here in Bubble and merely use something like Android Studio or Eclipse or Xamarin to build the APK, then, since barely any work is being done in those dev environments, I’d be open to switching to using one of those dev environments instead of B4X, especially if there is a lot of support here for those dev environments.

Thanks for helping the newb :slight_smile:


If i understand what you’re trying to do, you want to write the front end in code, and use Bubble as a backend. is it correct? If so, the Bubble API is definitely the way to go.

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