How to Cancel Project

I posted a project and now I’m getting hammered with auto-reply emails from providers who haven’t even read the scope.
Where do I find the project I posted and how do I cancel it so the emails will stop?


Where did you post it?

Would be happy to chat and not slam your inbox! DM me if interested

Yup, sounds about right. Sorry to hear that, @mike42, but I think you are probably just going to have to ride it out. To Adam’s point, though, depending on where you posted it, I might be able to help because if it’s a forum thread, I could at least unlist it for you.

Hey Adam, when I signed up to Bubble it asked me if I wanted to start a build or request someone else to build it…but I don’t see where I can go check my project like I can if I’d posted on Upwork or elsewhere.

Ah, so it’s not a forum thread (I didn’t think it was because it says this thread is the first time you posted, but it could have been under another account). I think your only option here is to contact Bubble support to see if they can help.

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So Bubble support replied and basically said there’s no way to find the RFP, modify it or cancel it (WOW) and the only way for me to escape the hellish influx of emails is to cancel my Bubble account!


I’m WAY not a Bubble expert or a dev…(I help coaches and course creators clean up their process and offers and sell more products and services) but this seems like basic 101 level stuff that I feel Bubble never should have launched without having in place.

Sadly, I bet many awesome, incredibly talented people here could make my little project happen

I’ll go take one last look to see if I can delete it before I cancel.

Thanks for replying guys, I really appreciate it.


Maybe it is an option to create a mail rule, something like "if subject contains “RFP 1234, move to garbage bin”.


Trouble is not all emails have the same subject line nor do they all contain that text string.
This is such a fail by Bubble.

Oof. This sucks. My suggestion to you for the next time is to post something on the freelance section instead (you’ll find more personalized help, less spam)

That is true, but if you are able to catch 80% of the mails, you will only have to delete about 100 mails manually. :grinning:

Joking aside, the process is not optimal, but at least you can have your pick of agencies. The ones who sent auto-replies can go to the garbage bin. Next, the ones who do not provide any detail / estimate / work breakdown in tasks can also go to the garbage bin. After that just go through 20 in more detail and invite the 4 or 5 best ones for a Meet/Zoom session.

MVP Design

Think Bubble has to stop taking on every single vendor out there that wants to be listed as an agency. Quality on both sides have gone down dramatically from their last update to include hourly rates.

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