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How to change appearance in Parent Group

I am wanting to change the appearance of how names appear in the Parent Group. At the moment it is showing full first name and full last name. I want it to show - full first name and only the first initial of last name.


:truncated to 1

How would it look?

As @cmarchan said, use :truncated to 1

So it would look like:

Parent group's User's userlastname:truncated to 1

thank you however, that is what I had entered and it didn’t appear to work when deploying to live


What’s it doing then? Not working in what way?


Ah, yes I was just about to say - the fact that ‘truncated to 1’ is appearing in your editor in white makes it look as though you’ve typed it, which evidently you have.

You don’t want to type it, you need to select it from the dropdown menu (you only need to type the number).

I had also looked in the dropdown list and it is not listed.

Yes it is… if you look in the right place… (make sure to click the ‘more’ button after you’ve referred to the user’s the last name)…

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OMG look what you have helped me with. Thank you so much, awesome result. Amazing once you know how.

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