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How To Change Color Of Spinning Cogwheel On db Search

Is there a way to change the color on the spinning cogwheel that loads on a repeating group while the db is searching?

I wouldn’t think you could.

But I would also think you could put your own loading image/animation on top of the group so you wouldn’t even see the spinning cogwheel.


Is that a conditional statement on the group? I don’t see the ability to change the image:

Sorry - I meant you could make a new group with an animation inside it and overlay it on the repeating group. Set it to show on page load and have it disappear after a few seconds. This way you have your own loading animation…

We could expose a way to change the color if users are interested. That would be done in the Settings Tab. Let us know.

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Highly interested if it can be specific to the particular repeating group though.

Because sometimes I have a white background other times dark background where i want to change it to white.

Maybe a black vs. white switch is all we need at the element level.

We’ll add that but that’ll be at the app level.


Can you not expose the loading image as a setting, then the user could use this anywhere, not just in repeating groups, it would help with UI consistency.

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100% Agree!

We’ve gone through big efforts to style every corner our app, yet still have these stock loading spinners that usually only display halfway (as in the spinner spins inside a div with overflow: hidden, at least it appears this way).

Thanks for the alternative solution @john3!

Not sure I understand your sentence (“can I not expose?”)

Anyway, building an element like this is exactly what the Element Plugin system is for. It would be very quick.

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What I was making a setting visible in the settings to change the animated gif. see the mockup below of the settings page “General Appearance”

Well that’s not really something we can do since we need to keep backward compatibility, but a plugin element and what @John3 suggests can work well to do this.

Awesome thanks @emmanuel! I am going to play with the plugin builder over the weekend and create a simple endless loop Loading graphic element.

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