How to change {number} of random items from database?

I am doing something like rental business, and each product in the database can only have 1 user at a time, and when purchasing the client can specify how many products he wants to buy.

So my question is - how to make changes to X number of records in the database?

For example I would take 3 items from carManufacturersAndModels where uniqueId= is empty ( no one is using it)
And assign uniqueId to owners email. Should I use backend flows or is there an easier option?
Thank you creators! :cowboy_hat_face:

I could just take the first item from the database (that matches the constraint), but how could I repeat it X times?

Why the action “make changes to a list of things” is not doing the job? It was made for this.

So let’s say there is 100 unused products in the database, and client buys 5 of them, how would you change a list of 5 items in the database? That’s what I can’t figure out

As the above example would change all the products that have don’t have an owner ( all 100 in this case)

I can’t believe I missed this one… using items until # does just what I need!