How to change the app name?

They still see it on password resets.

Also not when you send them an email from within the app?
Because when testing it shows me “” and I have a paid plan with my own branding :thinking:

**edit: I’m even using “specify different reply-to address” , yet in the sender bit I can see “

App names cannot be changed. You have to create a copy of the app with the new name, and then delete the old one if you don’t want it.

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Have you set up your domain and sendgrid API key? If you have then all emails should be sent from your domain, and the address you set in the Domain/Email tab of your app settings.

You can merge two domain emails into one email address. Go Daddy did that for me.

How can i get bubble apps on android.?

How to do it if you want to keep the same domain name (+sendgrid API key, …)? As it is not possible to create another app with the same domain.


PD: any plans for Bubble to develop app name change feature in the near future?

I don’t believe Bubble supports mobile apps, like making an app then putting it on the app store. There might be a way to convert a Bubble app to run it on mobile, but you would need to do some technical stuff.