How to change the data source of a repeating group w/o having to update the Bubble app?

I have a repeating group (RG) that I call the “post of the day”. The repeating group pulls the data from the database. I have to update the RG’s data source every day and thus I have to deploy a new version of my Bubble app every day. I rather not do this.

Is the a way for me to change the data source of RG w/o having to deploy a new version of the Bubble App?

My web app is a food blog

How are you adding the new content?

I have a blog that I made as well. What I did was just have a separate page that I created, that was only accessible to me, and I would add and edit posts on that page. No need to update the app.

You can even do something simple like a button that only you can see on the page that opens a popup where you can add or edit your posts. Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:

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This should be very doable - happy to help. DM me

Ok so this is how it looks like:

  1. I have a database full of different food items from different restaurants
  2. Every day I want to showcase a food item from my existing database
  3. looking like this
  4. Currently I go into the editor and change the food unique ID in the data source… which requires me to deploy a new version of my bubble app. I want to change the data source w/o having to deploy a new version

Yeah, I would say to create a new, admin-only page where you can specify an “Active Food Item.” Then, on the displayed page, all you need to do is set the food item group to only show the Active Food Item. No more redeploys needed.

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