How to change the permanent registered user as not connected?

Currently I have problems executing some workflows, example “send mail to a user in the form of a warning only when the user is not connected”, reading the bubble documentation I realize that when registering a user a permanent account is created and the database stays connected even if the user is disconnected; How could this be changed or fixed?

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What do you mean by “connected”? You mean online/logged into the app? (There’s been discussion of that here recently and someone wrote a plug-in to assist.)

If so, why would you want to only notify somebody about something only if they are NOT logged in? Just notify them. Sure, if they are logged in, you could actually put something right in their face… but what’s the harm in also sending them an email in that case?

(What am I missing here?)

If you mean something else, like you want a user to still have an account but kind-of NOT have an account, well there’s no such thing. One’s info is either in the db or not. You can have a flag like “active” (had used the service within X timeframe) or like “subscribed” (they’ve paid and are still inside subscription period). ???

ok, I explain to you, when registering a user, the database saves it as ‘’ logged in ‘’ automatically and stays that way, this is a problem to apply certain workflows like the example that I put below, maybe a user sends a message to another user a warning email would be good, but it would be annoying if the email is sent if the user is logged in.
I think this could help you understand what I’m talking about.

Another user had the same problem, the alternative applied works as saves lives for the moment.

Answered here:

In there, I explain why “Logged In” is not a property of User and what “Current User” (which DOES have the Logged In property) represents and why you might be confused about the two.

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