How to change the status on a list of things

Hi community!

I am looking for help with the following scenario. I am building a market place which has some Posts and Offers for the Post.
I have structured it in the database as below:
A Post can have many Offers. And they are both seperate things.

I am struggling with the scenario below:
Say there was a Post and Offer A / B / C
When Offer B is accepted, the Offer B status changes to OfferAccepted = yes and OfferPending = no

However, I am trying to figure out how I then change the status for all the other Offers (Offer A and C) as OfferDeclined = yes

The reason I want to change the status is so that the Creator of the Offer can view the status of their offer as pending / accepted / declined.

A little lost :frowning: Any help would be so much appreciated!!!

Have you figured this out yet?

If the number of offers is less than 100, then couldn’t you use the Make changes to a list of things… action? If the number of offers could potentially be more than 100, then scheduling a back-end (API) workflow might be the way to go.

Alternatively, another - perhaps “cleaner” - approach might be to have an Accepted Offer field on the Post object as well as a Post field on the Offer object. Then, just look up the post associated with an offer, and if the Accepted Offer field of that post is not empty but doesn’t match the offer doing the look-up, then that constitutes a “declined” status - no need to update lists.

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