How to choose admin uploaded predefined values from different user page

i was trying to build a profile page.
there are 3 pages,
1.login & signup page
2.admin page
3.user page

in admin page admin can upload images for some specialization.these are predefined, user cannot change this, they can able to choose only.

from the user page user can choose their specialization by using chekbox.

this is my need. i create these pages but the specialization showing same for all users(same like 1st user specialization)
how can i filter users choices.

could you pls help me regarding this.

i used admin
user id :
Password: 123

and passed a parameter: if user name is “Ben” go to admin page other wise job page

users created:

user 1:


i am attaching the page plz help me

and pls tell me how can i use admin user more securely, my way of admin page creation is correct or not?

I take a very quick look at your app and what I think is that you should add some field in your USER thing DB.
A) type. This is where your will set if the user is “admin” or “user” . Not using the name. The filter will check if current user “type” is “admin”.
B) specialization (list of thing “Specialization”)
Not sure why to have checkbox and add button, but depending on how you want to set it, you can only use for example the button “add”. When user click add, update thing (user, specialization, add Current cell specialization).
You can also change the text of the button to “added” if user already have it in is “specilization” field.

I see that you also have a “preview” of specilization. This repeating group will or item can use the current user “specilization”

Thank you bro:slightly_smiling_face:

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