How to collapse empty repeating group cells

I’m building a search that produces paginated results. For example, when I search “ham” there are 10 results, displaying 4 on each page. This means there are three pages of results. The results are displayed in a repeating group (with a fixed number of cells at 4)
Page 1 of results for search “Ham”:

Page 3 of results for search “Ham”:

On page 3 there are two cells in the repeating group that are empty. How can I make those disappear? (collapse them, set their height to 0 etc)

What I would like page 3 of results to look like:


You can use the setting Fixed number of cells and check the pox Show partial list of last page if needed.

That actually doesn’t do what I want. If it’s not checked the last page will list items 6-10 with no empty rows. With it checked the last page will list items 9-10 with two empty rows. I’m hoping for a solution that also applies if my search only return two results.
Currently if I make a search of two results there are two empty spaces. I would like those to be able to disappear

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