How to collapse the empty data cells in the repeating group when implementing the pagination function?

Hello. I’m working on a reddit-like site.

The functionality I want to implement:

When there are no comments, don’t show anything.
If there are only a few comments, show only those few comments.
Show up to ten comments per page. When the number of comments is greater than ten. Use the page turn button.

Problems I encountered:

All the tutorials I found for the pagination require the appearance to be set to “fixed number of rows”. However, this results in even if there is only one comment ,the remaining nine empty cells being displayed . Since I also added the ability to display sub-comments for each comment, the result is a huge gap between each comment.

Is there a way to solve this problem please? There seems to be others on the forum who are having this problem, but I have not found a workable solution.

Repeating groups in the new responsive engine function differently then the legacy engine…you can watch some of the bubble tutorials on the repeating group in new responsive engine

It is possible to have a dynamic number of cells and still do pagination…can use the listshifter plugin for pagination (it is fantastic)…then can add constraints on your search to exclude results with no comments.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll give it a try.

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