How to condense 15 Reusable elements with repeating groups to one repeating group without it getting to messy?

I’m reworking the entire app to fit the new responsive layout. As well as focusing on page speed as users reported this to be an issue. I average about 3.5 seconds on desktop and about 5 seconds on mobile.

Currently, I have a product page

On the said product page I have 15 different data types of products. Each product is in a reusable element with its own repeating group that I call based on current URL parameters. I did this because it was clean and easy, especially with the old responsive engine. Now that I’m upgrading to the new layout. The new responsive layout, it opens up the ability to handle multiple things without too much of a mess.

Would there be a way to have one repeating group with 15 different product SKUs in it? That isn’t a mess to handle. I would probably hide show stuff based on the current page URL as I do now. Most of the items have a similar layout Image, Name, Price, and a few specs that tie to each specific SKU.

Any suggestions?