How to configure Previous and Next buttons on a page when getting data from a RG on another page?

I have a Leads RG, when a user clicks on a Lead the app takes the user to a Lead Details page. I want to configure a previous and a next button on the Lead Details page so that the page displays details about the previous or the next lead from the RG.
I tried using custom states but can’t figure a way out.

Send the next lead unique ID and the prior lead unique ID via url parameters to the details page.

On the details page set a hidden popup and place two groups of type lead there. Name them LeadPrevious and LeadNext. Inside of them set dynamic searches to locate the respective leads by drawing their IDs from the tab parameters that can be named id1 and id2.

Now you have them on the details page by calling LeadPrevious and LeadNext in your expressions :smiley:

@cmarchan Thank you for your response. I can’t figure out how to pass prior unique ID and the next unique ID as dynamic data via url params to the details page?