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How To Configure This API And Access UNIX Time Stamp?

Trying to configure this API and it’s demanding the following in it’s header:

The API key I have.

The TIME I don’t have because I cant put a dynamic time stamp in the API Connector.

Same with the “X-API-SIGNATURE” which appears to be a combination of the two other values and a generated token.

And how do i configure it inside the API connector if it won’t accept Dynamic information?

A quick way would be to create a custom block on blockspring (if you know a bit of coding & have a blockspring account) to do this

Is there really no other way within Bubble?

The API connector does accept dynamic information.

It’s not obvious how it works with Bubble’s UI and unfortunately there isn’t great documentation either – which can be quite frustrating the first time you try to use it. That said, there’s lots of information on the forum about how to utilize the API connector and set-up dynamic information. Read through those posts and you’ll quickly see how it works.

I tried already with a timestamp but it is not fast enough.

I know I can initialize it and thenever modify it dynamically but It isn’t possible without an accurate time stamp.

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