How to configure Tilda to work with Bubble on a Namecheap hosting?

If you have your platform built on Bubble, you wont’t be able to publish anything directly from Tilda to the same domain because Bubble wants you to create 4 “A records” in the DNS while Tilda accepts only 2.

(I wanted to use Tilda to generate lots of landing pages for organic traffic).

What would you suggest in this case?

  1. Are Bubble static pages same good for indexing by search engines?
  2. Do you use some other tool for building landing pages (for the most popular users search requests).

Any tips? Tricks?

Here’s the revised version with improved grammar:

  1. No, it would be better to use Tilda or Webflow if the purpose is to generate leads and rank in the top 1-10 search results.
  2. I usually use Webflow. The main domain is hosted on Webflow, while the subdomain is hosted on

Tilda is less expensive than Webflow, that’s why I wanted to use it.

But there is this problem with deploying pages to live to my personal domain (, hosted on namecheap).

So I configured my personal domain according to Bubble’s settings and they are not compatible with what Tilda wants… Don’t know what to do. Already purchased Tilda’s subscription… Their support doesn’t seem willing to help.