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How to connect metamask with bubble mobile app?

Hello everyone,
I was developing a mobile app in bubble
I was stuck in task, where i want to connect metamask with my bubble mobile app
It was working fine in web app, as its using the extension of metamask but in mobile app its not working, i also downloaded the metamask app for mobile, but there is no luck with this…
Can you help me for this, how i can connect metamask with bubble mobile app?

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Hello @vikaskumar.rexweb

Have you check this plugin?


More info:

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Hi there!
There are few options doing this.
Firstly you need to understand that if you want to connect to MetaMask directly, on mobile, you can do it only inside the MetaMask integrated browser.
So, just open your app inside the mm app browser and you will be able to connect it like you are doing it with extension on desktop.
This is how MetaMask works.

There’s a second option.
You can use WalletConnect plugin.
Using it you can open your app in any browser on mobile, and select to connect via MetaMask.

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Hello @ezdev

Not sure how I can connect from the MetaM browser app (on my iPhone) to Bubble app to controlled it or take any info. But I like your second option.