How to connect MS Access database file to Bubble Apps

Greetings to you all: Is it possible to connect a Microsoft Access 2016 from my local drive C:\ file to Bubble application and if so how to I go about it.

It is no doubt possible, but do you really want to open up your computer like that ?

Am sure there are better ways.

The things is I have a data tables with records that are generated by external source which stores them in MS Access database, so I need to access this data by connecting to the tables since this data changes often and I want to access this information in real time. Can you assist me on how to got about. Step by step

Can you not re-create your Access database and forms on Bubble and just use it instead? So far I’m able to do just about everything in Bubble that I used to do in Access, with the exception of generating the sort of reports Access is GREAT for.

But to solve your problem, there’s an SQL connector for Bubble. Since Access can connect to SQL perhaps you could use SQL database as an intermediary. I don’t know the steps, just thinking out loud how I’d first attempt it.

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