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How to connect one repeating group with another? I want to do one action in the first repeating group, but result will be on the second repeating group with another type of content

Hello everyone

I have an eCommerce example, where users can select products and put on them in the cart.
I use two different repeating groups with different databases.

  1. Products
  2. Orders

When I click on the button Buy, I create a new thing in the database for Orders, it means that this product exists in the cart and shows a prompt for it, at the same time hide the button “Buy”. I did it.

However, I would like to remove orders from the cart and hide a label (text) “already in the cart” and show the button “Buy” again, unfortunately, I can’t do it.

Because when I click the icon “Remove” and go to the Workflow, I can’t can hide and show buttons in another repeating group. Screnshot

I will be appreciated your answers. Thanks

In your element inspector go to ‘conditional’ tab and create some conditions for when an element is visible…i.e. ‘do a search for’, add in your constraints and then use the count operator to check to see if they have that product in their cart.

You won’t need workflows for this :slight_smile:

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Yes, it helped me. Thanks a lot.

I have another difficult moment. How to calculate all orders in one total?

You can use the ‘repeating group’s list of item’s thing :sum’ to total things



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