How to connect simplybook API ( JSON-RPC API)

I’m trying to connect simplybook but their API is not REST which is Bubble’s default
Here is the documentation

here is the API dashboard:

here is what I tried to do but no luck:

any ideas on how to proceed ?

I think i’m using the wrong authentication option in the above image

i think this is one is the correct one but i still get the error " token generator error"

any idea?

I think i figured the problem out, the simplybook requires that first, you invoke the method get token to receive a token that will be used in all API calls.
So i used the Oauth2 Custom Token option.

from the docs: Bubble requires two keys (at least), access_token and expires_in.
But the api only returns the token only!

To understand what I main see here i tested it with simple one call only and see what i get back.

now if I want to do the same to make the general oath for all calls I get an error:

am i right with this as the problem?
what should i do? can bubble team look into this and allow the token at least?
I really need to get this done ASAP
I’d appreciate any help i can get.

@emmanuel @neerja