How to connect stripe so that people on app pay each other automatically

Hey ! Trying to figure out how I can set stripe up so that people can pay each other automatically with a click of a button

Also not really sure where I get the secret and keys from😒 please help me if u can ! Anyone can answer thanks

Google this:
“where do I find my stripe secret keys”

It’s the first answer :slight_smile:

Quite a few questions related to stripe you’ll find more easily on google than on here.

You get your API keys from Stripe’s end, in your Stripe dashboard.

The setting up Stripe part, for payments, is a bit more of a detailed process. If you want, post more specific questions so that we can help. I also have a full tutorial on Stripe marketplaces at, if you’re interested in watching a guided walkthrough.


thank you about to go there now i just made an account

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