How to connect users like Tinder?

Hi Fellow Bubblers,

I’m straggling with the following issue, and I really hope someone can help me:

I’m building an app that will have a “Tinder-like” networking functionality, that helps article writers and their readers connect. Both writers and readers are Users.

If a reader likes an article and wants to be able to view the writer’s profile (private details like email etc), that reader can request approval - Which should let that writer vet the reader (by viewing his/her profile first) and then if the writer approves, the reader will be able to see the writer’s profile too.

For this, I created in the User datatype, an “Approved_Users” field which is a list of Users that are allowed to view that user’s details - Otherwise the details stay private.

The problem is that on the article’s page, when the reader clicks on “Get Approved By Writer” my workflow needs to add that Current User (reader) to that Writer’s “Approved_Users” list.
But, I’m not able to do this because the post’s writer field is private.

How can I change another user’s datatype when current user still doesn’t have permissions to view that user?

I hope that’s not too confusing.

Create a backend workflow that will add the current user to the approved users list. Make sure to check the box to ‘ignore privacy rules’ for running the backend workflow.

This way, you can send through a key parameter the user information and once the backend workflow begins it ignores privacy rules and will allow the data to be ‘accessed’.

Thanks @boston85719 !

Sounds like what I need. How can I create a backend workflow?

Thanks again

In your app make sure you have enabled backend workflows/API workflows

Then go to the backend workflow section and create a workflow.

There are resources on the forum as well as youtube you can search and find more details.

Thanks again @boston85719 !

Yes, I watched some youtube and figured it out :slight_smile:

Just one quick question - If I need that API workflow to happen immediately (and not schedule it for later). Do I need to “Schedule an API workflow” and set the schedule date to “Current date/time”? Or is there a better option to trigger it instantly?


Yes. Nothing available for that.

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