How to contact forum admin?

Just wondering how to get in touch.

DM one of the moderators/admins :slightly_smiling_face:

@andrewgassen @NigelG or @admins

You can also flag a post by hitting the flag option.

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You can also reach the Success Team at since all admins are Bubble Employees. But if it’s a moderation issue you should reach out to the @moderators group or DM a moderator directly listed at About - Bubble Forum

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Still waiting for my wage check :laughing:

(many of us are not employed by Bubble)


:open_mouth: Oh I just looked at About - Bubble Forum and all the people under the Admin category seem to be Bubble Employees so I just made that assumption lol :man_shrugging:

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Ohhhh, my fault.

I have “admin” access but am not an “admin” :thinking: :joy:

lol you’re practically an admin :man_shrugging: just a small technicality?


I have never seen the forum “about” page before!

What happened to that small company :joy:


I’m also not a Bubble employee, but get the privilege of being a forum moderator. Hard work, but someone’s gotta keep all those CAD posts from leaking into the real world!


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