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How to convert HTML to BBcode

Hi, I’m getting data from an external API that gives me back an HTML text.
I want to convert HTML to BBcode, but I don’t know how to do it.
Is it possible to make it through :find & replace? Because I tried it but seems doesn’t work.

I saw there is a plugin by zerocode. Is there a way to do it for free?

Also looking for a (free) solution for this

Unlisting because you posted a new topic.

how can I do it?

I don’t know, but what you shouldn’t do is post a new topic because you didn’t get a reply in less than a day. It’s called cross-posting, and it is not in line with the community guidelines. That being said, I did you a favor and unlisted this post instead of unlisting the new one.

is not the same…
The first one was “HTML to BBcode”
The second one “HTML to plain text”
They are two different things

Anyway, I tried to unlisted or cancell but I can’t do it.

You said in the new post that you were changing the question because you didn’t get an answer to the original question, so I assume the original question was no longer valid.

Which post would you like to have listed? This first one or the new one you posted?

Since no one answered the first question, I tried to find another way to achieve the same result. So the question is not the same, it refers to another process which in my case would bring the same result.

The second one. Thanks!

Cool… sorry for the confusion, but it looks like someone replied to your second question, although I have no what the reply means or if it helps you. :slight_smile: