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How to copy the url of given state

hi bubblers.
my question is want when i select a user then url of the user should automatically goes to multiline input.
its very long when i go to some user profile then use the plugin to copy the link and then open the popup to paste the url.
is there any alternate when i click the user the url of that user should move to the multiline input?

Hey @shayijaz :wave:

Thanks for the post and excellent question! This is definitely possible. One solution would be to set a conditional on the multiline input that sets it’s initial value to the selected user’s link whenever a user is selected. I’m assuming you’re selecting users using a custom state or something similar, so in this case your conditional might be something like: when custom state’s user is not empty, set initial value to custom state’s user’s link.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything else by emailing [email protected]

thanks @AndrewV

Sure thing! Best of luck with the rest of the build.