How to count option sets appearance?

Hy guys, I’m building a content management app, I want the admin to assign task status to tasks created by clients, I created an option sets with values New, pending and completed.

What I want to do is have an overview of the clients tasks on the dashboard that counts the number of tasks that are New, completed and pending. Is there a way I can achieve this without having to “do a search for” multiple times?

You could do a single search for ALL tasks belonging to the User, then filter those by each status and do a count of each one…

But that would be slower and cost more in WU than simply doing 3 search:count operations (one for each status)

Although it does depend on the size of your database, and what data is already loaded to the browser…

Thank you Buddy, I’ll just go for the search count since it would be faster and cost less WU which is what I wanted to achieve.

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