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How to creat our copy full blog template to live Bubble app?

I have an online website, and I would like to create a blog. Can I copy a blog template into the current site structure?


Blogs are not something that Bubble is great at. The only “template” type thing that you can import into Bubble is Figma.

You can find lots of people on the forums talk about the issues with blogs. Here is an example 2021. $100M. Why are blogs and rich text editors STILL a problem?

If I were you I’d use a specific blog platform like WordPress.


i am looking at and am super disappointed that they do not have a blog page plugin option.
If I am going to learn from scratch i would rather start with
The idea was to make it easy but without a blog section, how can you possible expect to get good SEO. Disappointed :frowning:

You can build a blog on Bubble, it’s just difficult because you have to build the blog platform (i.e. recreate WordPress) and then write the blog. There is no easy plugin and there never will be because that’s not how plugins work for bubble. You may find a template with a blog platform built into it, you have to start a project with the template because you cannot add a template after the fact.

The other option is to use WordPress or similar on a subdomain like or and redirect to WordPress. There are plenty of options to get a blog for your site up and running quickly, it just not exactly what Bubble was built for.