How to create a blacklist/whitelist email list

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I would like to create a whitelist (for emails) to redirect users when they sign up on a specific page.
If they are not on the whitelist, they will be redirect on another page.

The thing I tried is to create a new type called : Whitelist with all my whitelisted domains (text type).
Then i created a rule “Only When” under the Sign up workflow, to let know bubble that i want to check in my whitelist if the user can access the next page or not.

I ran it step by step, and I understood that bubble is trying to find the exact same value and not only the domain name after the “@”

Example : User is trying to sign up with “” and “” is in the whitelist. But bubble is trying to find in the whitelist.

My question : how can I tell bubble to check “” is contained in the input value for signing up ?

Thank you so much for your help! And if there is an other way to do it, i would love to learn how to do it!

You’re on the right track. Continue with the “Search for Whitelist’s” aspect, but switch from “contains inputs value” to looking for a “count” is = 1.

Then, in your search, that’s where you would add a constraint to extract the domain component of the email the pending new user is requesting. (Bubble offers an extract function for fields / inputs that are formatted as email, which will let you extract the constituent parts of alias or domain).

If you’re not able to follow the above, let me know and I’ll share a few screenshots.

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Hi Dan1,

Thank you so much, it worked !
For the next buddy who will look for that kind of functionality, I had a screenshot :

Bubble rocks !


Glad to know you were able to get it set up. Feel free to mark as solved.

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