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How to create a conditional repeating group data for Email?

I have created email daily digest that includes a list of repeating group format with today’s date only.

Here’s the back story…

In this case, I am creating a two-sided marketplace.

The roles in the Marketplace are 1. Buyer 2. Seller

I’d like to show a seller in a daily email digest of what buyer is interested to buy based on the enquiries that buyer made in a day or 24 hours. Also, the buyer also have an option to only show the enquiry for “preferred seller” but not to the public/general sellers. Hence, one of the enquiry for “preferred seller” can only be seen.

The repeating group format in an email would be like Do a search for item#1 FurnitureName and so on… (that’s solved).

The case that I’m trying to solve is this below…

How do I make the constraints for this case as it is similar with If/Else situation when item#1 is for preferredSeller. If there’s no preferredSeller enquiry, it will then display general/public enquiry when the case of preferredSeller enquiry is not available?

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