How to create a countdown every day to 3pm

Hi everybody

How can I make a countdown every day at 3 pm?
For example, if you visit the website at 1 pm, the countdown will be 2 hours left (format hh:mm: ss)

You need to show the countdown or just run in the backend?

I know how to do it without showing the countdown. Example: if the user press a button at 1pm this button will be only visible again at 3pm. No matter what time he pressed, every 3pm this button will show up again.

I mean to show the countdown on the page every day, if the target is passed, display 00:00:00

I used Javascript but sometimes it has DOM issues, so sometimes it shows the countdown, and sometimes it doesn’t

So I need 2 countdowns every day until 3 pm and 9:30 pm

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