How to create a demo login?

How do I create a demo login for my users before they sign up? Should I create a new “Demo Page” and navigate to there and how do I delete the database entries that might be created? I am thinking I’ll need to create a new Data type and allow the demo users to update those records only, which I can then manually delete on regular basis.

Is this the correct approach?

You could let the user login with a hardcoded mail and passwort into a demo account (just like the theme and plugin demos). Or you let them create an account that is deleted after X hours (you have to delete the associated tables as well). These are two simple methods. :slight_smile: You could aswell just integrate a trial period if your service is paid.

  1. When I see the App data, there is no field to see which user has created which entry or to filter such data. Then how will I delete the associated tables?
  2. How do I set up a workflow to automatically delete the records?
  1. Every database entry has the creator attribute.
  2. You need a plan that supports scheduled api workflows. With this you can easily delete all entry’s created by the user. Otherwise you can add a button on your own admin panel and trigger it manually.

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