How to create a external URL to an specific place of my app?

Hello everybody. It’s my first time asking for help around here. I don’t know if the answer is in another part of the forum, but I can’t get it.

I am developing a question and answer application. I would like that when an answer is received, send an email to the person who asked the question, and that person receive a link that takes them directly to their question in the app (it is loaded in a filtered repeating group). Is it possible to do that?

Thank you so much

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Hi @jeanmarce welcome to the community!

Yeap, definitely possible.

Create a page for this purpose and send users to it.

Hi! thanks a lot for your answer.
The problem is that my app works on a single page. The questions and aswers are displayed over a floating group. So, i need send the person who received the mail, to a specific group, floating group even with a specific button selected. (i don´t know if i´m clear of what i need).

Any ideas? thanks

Is there a reason why they need to be taken back to the main app page?

Simplest and easiest is to have a separate page that reads data from URL parameters.

You can do it from a single page app but it’s a fiddlier set up. You still need to be passing data into the URL but you’d need a lot more conditionals on your groups to make it play nice. Without knowing your actual set up it’s hard to give more specific advice.

But the answer lies in sending data in to your URL - paths or parameters like unique ID of the datatype the holds the answer. When you send an email you put this as dynamic data in to the URL connected with the button/link. And then using the ‘get data from URL’ function to set up your various conditions/constraints on your groups/RG’s.

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