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How to create a favourite section

My question has to do with how can a user favourite a product and its only favourite for that user? Should I use states, database ?

can you show me an example. Not really getting what you saying

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I’m on mobile so can’t really look at your app, but here are some general options for what I think you are trying to accomplish.

You will eventually need to get the data into the database.

I can think of at least two options that will depend on how you want to display the data.

Option #1) Create a new field on the thing user as type product that is a list. When the user clicks on whatever element to add to their favorites have a workflow that makes a change to the current user that adds that product to the user’s list that you just created. Now you can display the list as current users>name of list.

Option #2) Add a field on product that is type user that is a list. When the user click on an element make a change to the product and add the current user to the list of users on the product. Now you can display the information by doing a search for the product with a constraint for current user.

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Yes, you’re right @Ralph. Sorry about that. I thought the solution you posted was the original poster sharing their app. My bad for writing while out and about with the family.

Thanks for both responses guys. Really helpful and will make a difference on my app. Lately when I finish it I will be needing beta testers and I will be asking you and everyone else to give me some feedback

I updated the app and made a video explaining

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