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How to create a form in pdf file using PDF conjurer?

Hello bubble community :wave:

My client wants to create a pdf file like this

Is it possible using pdf conjurer (especially the checkbox)?

I am unable to find proper tutorials of pdf conjurer

Can somebody please guide me to their tutorial or any other suggestion/plugin please ?

Thanks :pray:

Hey @mdburhan3!

This is really easy to do with the SimplePDF plugin:

You can see the form I created (and submit it) here

How to use the form in your own Bubble app

  1. Install the plugin to your Bubble app: PDF Editor and Filler Plugin | Bubble
  2. Use this this PDF that I created specifically for you (using SimplePDF, read more below)
  3. Your visitors will be able to fill it and download it
  4. Optional: get a SimplePDF account and the filled form will be automatically sent to you (and trigger a Bubble workflow for example) – just like in the example form (first link)

How I created this specific form

  1. Use any tool to turn the image in a PDF – or use the PDF Creator Plugin | Bubble by @alexcooney5
  2. Open it in SimplePDF and position the fields

I hope this helps!