How to create a line graph with numbers on both axis

Is it possible to create a line graph from two separate lists of numbers? I am trying to accomplish this with the amCharts plugin, but it seems to only allow line charts with either categories (text) or dates for the x-axis.

If context is helpful, I have two lists of numbers (from Toolbox plugin) that I would like to graph against one another using a line chart. One list is the user’s age projected over the next ~20 years (eg. 20, 25, 30 …) and the other is a series of quantitative values (300, 400, 500, …). Ideally the first number in each list would pair to create the line chart (eg. 20, 300; 25, 400; 30, 500; …).

I am open to other charting tools if that would help make this happen. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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