How to create a list of things inside a parent thing

Probably a simple answer here. I’m creating a job board:

  1. I have a Thing called a Job
  2. Inside the Job I have fields like “Seniority” which are just “lists of texts”.
  3. Issue is, when I create a new Job entry, I have to type in “Senior”, or “Intermediate” each time.
  4. I feel like the right answer is to create another Thing called “Seniority” and then somehow use that as a type of field for the Job. But I’m not sure how that works and if that’s the right path.
  5. The goal would be to, everytime I create a Job, have a dropdown to choose 5 “seniority” options for that job.

Appreciate the help!

I would approach what you have described by adding a text field called type (or something like that) to the Job datatype. Then, add a dropdown to your form and configure the job types as static choices like so…

Then, when a new job is created, populate the type field with the value that is selected from the dropdown.

By the way, you can also use the Dynamic choices option to populate your dropdown, and you could have an option set that includes all of the job types. Just another way to go with it.

Hope this helps.



Definitely helps. I’m thinking of manually inputting jobs into the database myself though, so I’m not sure a dropdown on the front-end will help.

I’ll try it though and maybe just hide the dropdown somewhere.


I’ll recommend setting “Seniority” as a new thing which is “text”.

In that situation, when you are creating a new job entry, you can add this format to your form.

With the workflow being:

You should be able to add Seniority lvls to each Job at once then.

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You could also look into the new feature of option sets and use those. The choices will appear faster than if using a data type thing, especially when the number of choices increases.

Check out this post by @romanmg from Coaching Bubble. It was helpful advice on how to make use of option sets.

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Thanks for the help, really appreciated :slight_smile:. Can I ask, why do you have that constraint of “Only when Current Page Seniority’s List doesn’t contain Dropdown A’s Value’s Name”?

It is to prevent duplicates within the “List of Seniority” database as it is a list of things.

Because depending on how you structure your filtering system, you might end up having multiple entries of the “Job” appearing.

For example, if you accidentally registered Job A has having a 2 entries of Intermediate seniority, your filter might end up showing 2 Job A in the results depending on how your filter is done.

That’s my understanding of it, not sure if it is correct, can anyone else advice on it if my perspective is right?

1 Like did you solve this. I also want to create a list of things (order lines on order), but based on a (filtered) list of products (things).

yep… I basically just did what @mikeloc said! Check out his answer above :slight_smile: