How to Create a more than one input account creation system with button

How do i create a multi input creation that submits to database
is there a Youtube video i can learn this from? stuck trying to do this.
been trying to figure out the options in the database with States but unsure

Hi Shan.

Do you have a button on that page to submit the data? If so, you should be able to edit the button and click Add Workflow. Then in the resulting workflow, add an action - Data > Create a new thing…

You can then add all fields to that action and hook each one up to the relevant input on your page. Should be as simple as that.

Hope that helps. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood the problem and over-simplified. Happy to help further if needed…


HI Appedge! Thank you so much for your reply!
i have a submit button yes. here’s a screenshot but i don’t know the order of how to change the state to send the message to the database to link it
if there is a youtube video i could watch or some link in the forums i would be very grateful please. thanks

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