How to Create a New Profile from Page That Does Not Contain the Form?

When my users get signed up on the index page, I need for a new thing (user profile) to be created in the database (so that their answers can autobind on the next page), and then navigate the user to the page where they complete their profile.

How do I do this since the form is not located on the index page (and therefore I cannot correlate the form fields to create a new thing)?


You can set the page type to user and can redirect the user after sign up the the page and pass the user created in the signup step (which is also the current user) to this page. If the form fields are set to autobind, it will save the values to the current user.

Hope this helps.

The problem is that the form fields for the profile are not a part of the user. The profile is a completely different thing. I understand that I can pass the user’s info onto the next page, but I need to have a ‘profile’ thing created on one page and then completed on a different page. The profile form fields are not showing as available on the index page, which appears to be required in order to set up the new thing’s fields.

Ok, so why not create a profile when a user signs up and add the user to this profile. Then redirect the user to the other page and make that type as profile. Alternatively, you can also pass a user parameter to that page and pass the new user signed up as the parameter.

Hope this helps.