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How to create a password for another user when you're logged in as the admin?

Is there a way that, as the admin, I can add new users to our system, including creating a password for them?

Note - I want to set their permanent password, not just a temporary one.

you can use an action called “create an account for someone else” and for the pasword i think you can just use the “assign a temp password” action :slight_smile: i don’t think it will expire if the user doesn’t change it :slight_smile:
can you confirm this @emmanuel ?

Thanks @Levon. My understanding is that when it’s set up this way, the user who logs in with the email address is automatically prompted to create a password on a separate page, and I’m trying to avoid that. Perhaps I’m wrong though?

I would also add, if you are going to keep the temp password for a long time to change the password policy in the settings to make the minimum length higher the default of 8. Maybe to a few hundred or so :slight_smile:

Alternativley in the password field when signing them up, you could use the Calculate Formula function, then Generate random string. Then make sure the character length is fairly long and using special characters, numbers, etc.

The documentation says that we can create passwords when “creating an account for someone else”, however I don’t see that option anywhere in the product. Am I missing something?

Screenshot of the documentation:

That’s correct, users will be prompted to change their password.

I don’t follow.