How to create a path creator

I am trying to create a path creator with only a few options: left, right, start, end and forward. All of them except for forward don’t have to include any more data with them but forward needs to have a user defined number with it(I think using a slider input is the best way. I would then like to save these to a repeating group and be able to save them as the group that they are. If anybody has any idea on how I could do this with the different datatypes, help would be appreciated!
Picture of kind of what I am looking for:

here’s how I’d approach it:
Define ‘movement directions’ as a data type with the ‘movement type’ (fwd, back, left, right, start, end) and the number (4 or 6 or other) within it. Also have a number value within it for ‘step #’ - this decides the position of the movement direction in the RG.
Then create one entry for each of the steps and assign the corresponding movement type and number (where applicable)

Now create a repeating group, fetch this list of movement directions and display them vertically and sort them by position. Add a condition to the text in the cell to display the number only when the type is ‘fwd’.

This should work.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Hey Ranjit,
I am not sure what you mean by “within it”, is it possible you could send a screenshot or a diagram of what you are saying. I agree with your approach I think, but I am not 100% sure on what you mean.
Thanks a ton

So, the ‘movement type’ data type can be set up to have these fields:

  • type (text) (fwd, back, left, right, start, or stop)
  • number value (number)
  • position (number)

Now when you create entries of this type on the database, you can assign the position as where it should appear in the RG
While displaying this, you will display:
this cell's movement direction's type

Add a condition on this text - only when the current cell’s movement direction is ‘fwd’. In this case, the text value is set to:
this cell's movement direction's type - this cell's movement direction's number value

Thanks for elaborating, that makes it clearer. Just to be sure, using the slider input is fine for the number? Also should I use buttons for the directions or just inputs or dropdowns?